Our aim is to offer a comprehensive and personalised service; we believe it is important to take time with you to create your personal plan, the “Master Plan”.

The Master Plan

The master plan is long-term oriented strategy, starting with the framing of your face because it is aesthetically so important, moving then to the frontal and mid sections before considering the crown. If the patient has enough donor hair then the crown can be treated.  The objectives of the Master Plan is to create a strategy which matches the objectives and that also includes the usage or not of medications long or short term and ensure the result can ultimately stand-alone regardless.

The facts are the basis of every decision

A hair transplant is a medical procedure that needs to be well thought out and planned. Although it is an emotional issue it is important to stay with the facts and make a rational decision. The aim of our counselling is not necessarily to ensure you undergo a hair transplant but to analyse all the factors in order to answer the following questions:

Am I suitable for a hair transplant?

What realistic results can I expect?

How much donor hair do I need for an aesthetic result?

How much donor hair do I have available?

How large a surface area can I treat?

Which technique is best for me?

What is the long term best plan for me?

Am I willing to make personal compromises on my goals?

How much will it cost me?

Tailored to your specific needs

First, we examine the state of your hair in relation to the miniaturisation and the variants in density, and demonstrate our findings using a microscope camera as well as measuring the elasticity of the donor. We then map out the recipient area for a good aesthetic result in terms of the need for the placement of grafts and density required, also taking into consideration the donor hair characteristics and laxity of the skin.

Include all the facts and wishes

While collating some general medical information such as medical history and previous medication we move to your personal hair loss development taking into consideration your family history and finally your personal goals and expectations from a hair transplant.

Realistic and sustainable results

If we have all the facts, we develop an individual, realistic and sustainable treatment plan for you. This treatment concept is your personal master plan. Even at this stage we can tell you the amount of the costs.

We will make a detailed report for you so you may study in the peace of your home. If and when you come to the decision to undergo a hair transplant we can then suggest a schedule for you.

The goal of the counselling is to try and ensure you can make a decision based on honest information. Your decision must be based only on facts and therefore honest and personal advice is vital.

You are welcome to visit us, just contact us and make an appointment.