Your treatment begins with a comprehensive, personal and honest advice with the development of a realistic and sustainable treatment concept, the “master plan”, after a detailed assessment and you being completely confident in your decision then an appointment can be scheduled.

The day of treatment

Before the start of the procedure we will again sit and go over the fundamentals of your consultation and plan, then pictures and determine the design and distribution strategy. Initially the hair is removed from the donor and this is performed under local anaesthesia, the closure is then made with either a suture or staples, no pain should be felt during this process and many patients do not even realise it has happened.

The preparation of the follicular units

Once the transplant hair has been removed it is then, under microscopes, divided in to the follicular groupings ensuring they are in optimum quality, then sorted by the number of hairs per follicular unit.

The transplanting of follicular units

With special custom-made blades recipient sites are made for the FU to be placed into.  The making of the recipient sites is made while the grafts are being prepared to ensure the grafts have a limited time outside their environment.

Even with these aspects to ensure graft survival hair transplant surgery is still a lengthy process and can take several hours to complete, patience is required and we try to make the day as easy as possible with breaks for lunch and rest periods to make your day as comfortable as possible.

Once the procedure is finished we apply a light dressing for the night covered with a head wear for you to be able to be social that evening. You will receive written post-operative instructions and medications to make the first nights comfortable.