An online consultation is simple and easy, please fill out the form below. We will assess your information and then come back to you within a few days.

We recommend digital or scanned photos to send as an attachment. Even if you do not have a digital camera or a scanner, you can still get an evaluation from us. Send us your developed photos to our postal address.  It is advisable not to use a flash, but take the photos in a well-lit space.

So your photos should look like:

Hair Status

Looking at the classification, which situation best describes your hairloss?

For us to provide you with a more informed reply please attach photographs with the following views. These photographs will be kept private and confidential.

Examples of pictures needed

It is not necessary that all photos be close-ups. A distance of between 1 to 2 metres with the entire scalp in framed focus is sufficient. The use of flash is not necessary in fact it is recommendable to have bright room lighting available instead. To determine the correct location of your hairline, please ensure that your whole face is visible and have your hair combed back. If there is no hairline present try to draw your own hairline to show us where you would like to have it placed. This helps us better understand what you expect to accomplish with a hair transplantation procedure.

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