Hair loss for a woman is more common to be a medical cause, but the emotional distress can be higher as it is not considered normal and their hair is an expression of personality. Whilst society accepts hair loss in men more, normal part of ageing, it is less accepting for woman. Initially the problems can be masked by dying the hair and styling the hair differently but this does not resolve the suffering that can occur and the social withdrawal.

Female Pattern Hair Loss

Hair loss in women normally runs in a certain pattern. For most women who are affected by the typical hereditary hair loss the hair on the back of the head remains relatively thick. Visible thinning usually affects the top of the head where naturally most women keep good hair. Because the donor area in women is slightly smaller than that of a man it is important that the limited donor hair in used in strategic areas to gain the look of fullness, with factors such as styling taken into consideration.

Correct diagnosis, then the treatment

It is vital the correct diagnosis is made prior to any treatment; possible reasons can vary greatly from diet, stress, hormonal changes and infection, malfunction of the thyroid gland, reactions to medications or iron deficiency to name a few.


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