A hair transplant is the only effective solution to permanently acquire a new and strong hair growth in an area of hair loss.  Any procedure must be planned and carried out so that the result could stand on its own, the result must create a natural appearance without the need for a further procedure even if a further procedure could be performed. We employ the most advanced methods Follicular Unit removal to ensure this.

The frame of the face

One of the main objectives of a hair transplant is to restore a natural hairline as a natural hairline creates the framing of the face and has an enormously positive impact on the person´s appearance. By restoring a natural hairline a shorter-looking face is achieved with natural demarcation points, and directs the attention of the viewer back to the middle of the face. The front line is not a straight line in reality but rather a series of higher and lower-lying hairs of different density. To reconstruct a natural hairline you need follicular units from the anterior part of the head to ensure a gentle blend and subtlety to the hair line then behind 2-hair follicular units to start the increase in density. Larger grafts are then later used to make the inner density, in particular the height and contours are carefully designed to blend with the natural facial features.

The crown

Aesthetic priority is given to the front and mid sections of the head as they contribute most to the appearance of the patient. The crown in general is only treated if the person has sufficient donor resources after these areas are treated.

Large Sessions

Follicular Unit Transplant is the most efficient method for transplanting large numbers of hair in a one day session, on the appropriate candidate it is possible to reach around 7000 FU in a day, with an average of 2.2 hairs per FU that is around 15,400 hairs. We are of the opinion that the best way to reach the maximum potential of hair and provide the most aesthetically pleasing result is to perform as large a session possibly initially.

New self-confidence


A good hair transplant can have a great impact not only on the appearance of the person but also their self-esteem.

It can restore years for the patient by giving him a more youthful look and new self-confidence. We have a great understanding of this and working with our patients to provide the understanding and to ensure achievable goals and expectations. Your next step is a personal consultation.

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